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Take every chance
to make much of Jesus.

At King's Table, our mission is to "take every chance to make much of Jesus." We seek to put this mission into practice by living out our core values. These values shape both our gatherings and our life together as believers throughout the week.

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We tell God's story.

We take every chance to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we preach, teach, sing, counsel, celebrate - we make God's Story known. This is the news that the whole world needs to hear.


Our story only makes sense as far as it fits into his. We are not heralding our own story. We don’t champion our brand. We serve a King who rules a Kingdom. The story we tell and the kingdom we build is his. And we know that others build alongside us. We don’t covet attention and scramble for notoriety. We build with open hands, generously sharing with and celebrating those who build with us. We tell God’s Story – not our own.

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We own the


God uses small things to do big things. When Jesus tells us what the Kingdom of God is like, he doesn’t pick an oak or a redwood – he chooses a mustard seed. We relish using ordinary, everyday things like tables - that in Jesus’ hands are packed full of significance. Jesus takes the small things – the ordinary, often over-looked things – like the blind and the crippled, bent-over old ladies, unlearned fishermen, and foals of donkeys – and makes them into agents of reconciliation that herald the Kingdom.


So, we too own the ordinary. No task is below us; no opportunity is too small to make much of Jesus. We wash feet and we wash dishes; we change tires and we change diapers; and we do it all to the glory of God.

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We drink from our roots.

We were made with roots - created to abide in Christ. We are nurtured by the Word of God. We have been given an inheritance, passed down and entrusted to us by faithful men and women who loved and followed Jesus well. Our roots run deep. There are plenty of narratives about what empowers us. Some would tell us that we find what we need within ourselves. Others would encourage us to go on a journey – to uproot and detach, so that we can strike out and discover meaning and purpose.


But we drink from our roots. We are sustained by that which has sustained the Lord’s people through the ages. We are nourished by the Word. We find belonging in his church. We are strengthened by practicing the ordinances. We have no silver bullet. When enticed by the latest and greatest, we will choose to drink from our roots.

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We send out our best.

Our King is worthy of our firstfruits. We give off the top – not the leftovers. As families, we give the best of our time – not just what we can fit in the margins. Reading the Word, praying, evangelizing the lost, serving the church, gathering with the saints, practicing hospitality, sharing our tables: these are the first things on our calendars.


And the same is true for our resources. As individuals, families, and a church, we give faithfully, and then the rest of our budget falls in line. When we make disciples, we send them. When we send leaders, we send the best we have. We exist to make disciples and plant churches – to see the life we share in Jesus reproduced elsewhere. We don’t accomplish this by shipping out the pieces we don’t need. We do this by sending our best and our brightest – amputating whole limbs and trusting the Lord to regrow them.

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