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Putting the Kingdom of God on full display
through the lives we share.

Our Life Groups exist to put the Kingdom of God on display through shared lives. We gather with one another to provoke love and good works - bearing burdens and cultivating joy in front of and alongside those who are close to us but far from Jesus. Our Life Groups are a place for those who are curious about Jesus and his people to get a glimpse behind the curtain into the life of the church (which we pray is also a glimpse behind the curtain into life in the Kingdom)!


We gather as Life Groups in this way for a number of reasons:


God’s People Gather.


Hebrews 10:25 tells us that Jesus’ people are a gathering people. Some neglect to gather together, but those who belong to Christ make a habit of being together. In fact, they actually do this more and more as they await and anticipate Jesus’ return.

We All Need the Same Thing.


No one graduates beyond the gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ is what all of us need in every season of life. Don’t be intimidated if you feel like you don’t know as much about Jesus and the Bible or worry that you might not fit in well with others. We are all in need of the same thing – simply beggars helping other beggars find bread.


One-Anothering > Self-Care.


At the end of the day, we believe that we are better at caring for each other than we are caring for ourselves. When busyness and fatigue tempt us to retreat and turn inward, we instead exert ourselves for one another. We take seriously what it means to follow Jesus – to follow the One who laid down his life. And we believe that when we lay down ours – when we exhaust ourselves for the good of each other – we find true life and rest for our own souls.


There is Always a Seat at the Table.


This is not a members-only club. The door is always open. Consider this an open invite to you and everyone you know. Our hope is that as we gather and grow together, the life we share together will be something that you will want to let others in on!

Monday Nights @ 7pm

Reach out to Bryce Harrison for more info:

(803) 348-8448

Tuesday Mornings @ 10am

Reach out to Deb Beck for more info:

(902) 476-1129

Tuesday Nights @ 7pm

Reach out to Steve Savage for more info:

(902) 989-5373

Wednesday Nights @ 7pm

Reach out to Dave Tonen for more info:

(902) 878-0030

"The person who loves their dream of community will destroy community, but the person who loves those around them will create community."

- Dietrich 


to get involved, contact Hannah:

Entrusting what we've received to others that we might all grow up into Christ.

Cohorts are groups of 3-4 people who meet together regularly to study Scripture, hold one another accountable, and pray for each other. We believe that the Christian life is not a solo mission and that our discipleship is not complete until Christ's return. So we participate in cohorts to help make each other more like Jesus - pursing a rich and sweet life together in Him!

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