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Generation LINK is an intensive discipleship program owned and operated by local churches through both national and international partnership. Generation LINK trains young adults through the local church to be lifelong disciple-makers (whether as future pastors, church planters, missionaries, or men and women in the marketplace). Generation LINK operates through sending and receiving participants from one local church to another. As King’s Table receives aspiring leaders, we do so with the clear task of discipling, equipping, and sending them back out on mission!

Summer LINK

The Residency

University students find themselves in a season full of unique freedoms —time, availability, and summers that can be invested in nearly anything. What better way to spend a summer than building God’s kingdom through the local church, planting churches, and reaching people in communities in great need of the gospel?


Summer LINK equips students to become a part of the momentum already mounting across the country and the globe—men and women willing to live on mission, following Jesus to the ends of the earth, and seeing the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Jesus loves his church - so we do too! And we want to see that love blossom in the hearts of our students and set the trajectory for their lives, careers, families, and ministries!

The Generation LINK Residency is a program to develop men and women as life-long disciple makers. Residents gain ministry experience, leadership opportunities, theological training, and focused discipleship, all within the context of rich gospel community. 


The Generation LINK Residency is designed to prepare head, heart, and hands! We want to develop gospel leaders by providing real-world experience and feedback to put their growing theology into practice! This is for anyone who aspires to take every chance to make much of Jesus – whether as missionaries, pastors, church planters, marketplace leaders, or faithful local members!

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